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Beautiful, hand-crafted designs to get you started_

Can't decide which one to choose? You have the freedom to choose from pre-built elements from different demos to mix them together in unlimited ways. Start making your creative website right now!

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Start building beautiful, eye-catchy websites in minutes. Grab Folio now.

#5 Reasons

Why you should purchase Folio?

If you are in hurry you can Skip this section. Sorry to interrupt your scrolling. But if you are looking for a smart solution for your next (or probably tons of) project(s) then you should read the below contents.

There are plenty of reasons you should buy folio. But we will only highlight those which matter the most.

#1. What do you want from a theme? Beauty with a brain(customization)?

We have got you covered. Folio has the latest trending design with a balance of details. No no, we are not the only ones who say that! Check out our customer review. Where our customer (Mingiyan) explained very well that how we balance trends and "beauty details". After exploring folio you will definitely feel that too.

After purchasing the theme your first action will be installation. We have a super easy installation process that a newbie can also install and start customizing the theme. We have simplified this process into few simple steps in "What to do after purchase?" section of the Getting started guide.

#2. Tones of options?

Why settle for less when you can have more, right? If you explore the theme your will notice that every page and every section is unique. - no more copy-pasting. With 10 home pages, tones of inner pages and a bonus 10 hero sections you can fulfill all your needs. To make these options we have used reusable code and components so that you can get more options with less code and less third-party plugins dependency. We have covered all the details from small business startups to big enterprise businesses. Check out what you get with Folio section for more.

If you are a freelancer or agency who's working for clients, then you should go with Multisite license as tons of options can create many websites with one theme. Playing with a new theme for every new project might take up so much time to understand theme structure, work practices, etc. So, you must purchase Multisite license site and use Folio unlimited times for your client's projects.

#3. So serious 🧐 about branding?

Easily customizable color and logo setting. Uncomment ready code in user-variables.scss and change HEX color code and tada 🎉 you are done.

#4. Need help during customization?

Our support is one of the best and fastest support over the years. Need evidence? Check our both Wizixo and Folio themes reviews. If you feel lazy to go to the theme page and check reviews we have listed few of our client's reviews below. Click on the client name to see reviews.

#5. Not happy 😢 with the final results?

No worries we provide free website consultation for clients who purchase Folio theme. Read more here

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A bonus Hero sections

A hero section is a large or oversized web banner that is pinned to the header section of a web-page. Because of its prominent place in the site’s visual hierarchy, the hero header is often the first thing users see when arriving on a website. To keep in mind we have created 10 hero sections so that you can choose as per your project's needs

hero section 01
hero section 02
hero section 03
hero section 04
hero section 05
hero section 06
hero section 07
hero section 08
hero section 09
hero section 10

What do you get, With Folio?

You will get stunning 10 homepage demos, 34 element pages, 27 portfolio pages, handpicked pure vanilla javascript (NO jQuery dependency) plugins and lifetime updates. Everything you or your client needs.


Atypical Homepage

Demos to get started

“A pink rose among a thousand white daisies stand out; be likewise.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Folio brings a brand new design for creative agencies, marketing firms, startups, company landing pages, portfolio sites and corporates to showcase info with style.


Layouts for

Portfolio showcase

A portfolio gives a prospective client, a sense of who you are, what you can do and whether you are the person they should hire to execute their project. Folio is bundled with Portfolio with cool hover animations, scroll animations, filters, image reveal effects, 5 different types of case study layouts and much more...


Ready to use

HTML templates

We took a step further and crafted a set of 90+ pages for a variety of purposes that makes it the ideal point to start building websites of any kind. So you get a complete bunch of required templates to make your perfect site.

7 header and 8 footer styles included

The header and footer are key elements of a website. That's why we have crafted tons of different header and footer options so that you can choose one which suits you the most.

Different Types of


Skillful use of web animations can engage and hold user's attention longer than just ordinary text-based webpage and may result in getting more traffic and quality leads. In Folio, We have provided scroll animations, hover animations, reveal animations and page load animations to make web pages look alive and attractive.

10+ types of ready to use

Popups design

Professional and cleanly implemented pop-ups can be a wonderful tool to get an immediate reaction from the visitors and to get engage with your business. Thus positive effects on your website’s lead generation, conversions and overall performance. You really shouldn't miss checking out the most useful interactive hand-crafted and bootstrap inbuilt popups!

5 Types of offcanvas menu

Menu design

For our creative customers, We have provided different styles of offcanvas(Hamburger) menus created using bootstrap 5 Offcanvas sidebar component. - to make navigation attractive and interactive for your users.

2800+ Font icons collection

Font icons are an essential part of web design and are widely used all around the web and the awesome thing about icons is that they have very small file sizes. Therefore, we have included huge sets of font icons in the theme that covers a wide variety of categories.

No jQuery dependency

Pure Vanilla JS

Like vanilla ice cream. It's just vanilla and nothing else. As Bootstrap, version 5, no longer have jQuery as a dependency & has been replaced with vanilla JavaScript, Folio is completely free of any jQuery code. All plugins & scripts are based on pure vanilla javascript.


Fully Responsive with

Bootstrap 5

Folio theme is based on the latest Bootstrap 5, the most popular CSS framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. Folio offers incredibly beautiful layouts and on all major browsers, devices and operating systems.


Reviewed by the

Bootstrap team

Folio has been carefully examined by the Bootstrap team against a set of standards and guidelines. These cover tons of factors including design, component flexibility, class naming, directory structure, build tooling, plugin re-usability… the list goes on and on.

Automated workflow

With the included Gulp and BrowserSync in the theme, Automate your time-consuming tasks in the development work-flow. Your work will be reflected instantly and pages will refresh on devices as you work.

Beautiful & configurable

SVG Decorations

Ready to use a beautiful collection of attractive SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)s to give a unique touch to your page and to make a page stand out. Changing SVGs colors according to your branding must not be tricky for you so we have built the code in the manner that only changing primary color in SCSS will also change SVG colors. Hence, you will find this completely effortless job.

PHPMailer based

Working Contact form

Being reachable is critical when you’re trying to connect with your customers/particular audience. Put up a contact form instead of just providing an e-mail address is a lot easier for website users. And to make this easy for you, we have provided a working contact form with Folio. There should not be anything tricky for you to setup the form so you just need to replace recipient e-mail ID and yay it's done.

Free Consultation

for Website built with Folio.

When you/your developer completes building your brand/business site, sometimes unfortunately the final result doesn’t match the expectations. A little mistake on your website could have a big impact on your/client's business. Therefore, we have come up with a free consultation service for our theme buyers. Learn more


Every essential information

You will get exceptionally detailed documentation with Folio. We believe – we have covered every essential information for getting your site up and running, that you’ll be in a good position to start customizing your theme. And always, if in case, you don't get what you are looking for in docs, our support team is always with you to answer your queries.

آر تي إل

RTL Support

We are aware of the fact that only a few languages in the world use RTL text direction, but these languages cover over a billion people. We aim to make our theme convenient and available to as many users as we can, which is why our theme is RTL (Right to Left) ready. Just follow the simple guide provided in the documentation and your site will get converted into RTL effortlessly.

5 Support

Loved by Customers

We guarantee the best possible fastest support so you don’t ever get stopped in the development of your work. You can always count on our friendly support to help you out with your queries/questions. We have an online support portal to make that easy for you.

Customer Reviews

Awesome theme. Very clean and organized code, very easy for unexperienced users like me to design with it. Great and fast support. Answering questions even on sundays. Big thanks to Webestica team.

by Bogdan Cristian
Our lovely customer of Wizixo

theme done very well. 5 stars! Efficient support. Support responds immediately and solves all problems! Good Job!

Our lovely customer of Wizixo

!!! 5 STARS !!! Awesome template! Thank u for ur patience. Very FAST Support on Sunday evening! !!! 5 STARS !!!

by Stanislav
Our lovely customer of Wizixo

...But the support is one of the best i ever see. they are very kind to customers and help to fix a problem.... until it´s fixed ! Now everything is fine and i will buy the next templates only from here, cause they help until it runs :)

by Vanessa
Our lovely customer of Wizixo

+ Tons of other excellent and easy to use features comes with Folio for free. Get folio now!

5 Offcanvas Menu Styles

We know our lovely customers are creative too like us! High five :) We have provided 5 different styles of Offcanvas menus so you can choose from according to what works best as per website styling.

Elegant and Impressive Inner Pages

Not just the homepage, we have crafted many different beautiful inner single pages. So you get a complete bunch of required pages to make your perfect site.

Showcase Your Works. Like a Pro_

"First impressions are lasting". Creating your portfolio website allows you to share and showcase your work easily with the employers you’d like to work for. To make the best first impression, use your portfolio to show potential B2B clients your experience, resources, ability and track record to deliver measurable results. And It shows you're more than just a resume. Therefore we have created tons of portfolio layout options to choose from.

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